Friday, June 18, 2010

House Update and other notable News

The house is entering the last couple of weeks and everything is moving along. They finished up the siding today. The sheetrock has been completed and the ceiling shot. We should start seeing cabinets, trim and paint! The driveway has been graded, and is ready to be blacktopped. These are exciting times, for folks that have been living from their suitcase from three months. Here's a huge thank-you for the church folks that have showed us such great hospitality!

Also, if your wondering the tornados were south of the twin cities. They did cancel the night service of Family Camp last due to a tornado warning in the area. Of course I did not get the message until I showed up. All that driving for nothing.

A quick update on the ALuke, yes the "A" is intentional. (My latest nickname, short for Alfred Luke.) He started taking steps last night, he still prefers to crawl, but he is getting there. He is pretty funny to watch, as he closes his eyes when he starts taking steps. He looks like he is waiting for something bad to happen. He also has inherited my climbing abilities as he will climb up anything chairs, and foosball tables.

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